Out first show is this weekend! The Daybreak Garden and Home Fair, if you are close come check us out. We are way excited for the show and have been working our little butts off to get ready.

Bad news is something happened to the sewing machine last night, hubby says he can fix it. I have high hopes, I still have a lot if sewing left to do. If not hopefully I have enough done for the show.

Check out what I have been working on, I am way excited to take them to show and get some feedback on them.











Slow But Steady

Well I was a slacker this last week and didn’t spend a lot of time sewing. On Wednesday I realized that the show we are in is next weekend! How did that happen? I had plenty of time! Oh boy.

On a good note Mash is a healthy nine month old baby. In the last week he has mastered the stairs, he pulls himself up to everything! He loves to stand. He has also mastered crawling. It was a busy week!

We are working on getting ready for Easter, we are lucky enough to have Smash with us this holiday, so tomorrow we are all heading to the zoo, dyeing eggs tomorrow night then having a small Easter egg hunt and basket hunt Sunday morning. I’m excited for Mash’s first Easter and to share it with Smash. This is one of my most favorite holidays.

I have spent most night this weekend sewing after Mash has gone to bed. I’m having a blast sewing and I love seeing more and more products for out show next weekend.





New items

We are very excited for the upcoming fair that we are taking part of the end of this month. We have all burps cloths dyed and the bibs cut, now we just need to sew them all.


We certainly have our work cut out for us.

This weekend instead of sewing I spent time playing with Mash. And cutting patterns and fabric. We have a few new exciting products that we are putting together. We are doing boy tie bibs, regular bibs, and an extra long bib, an infinity nursing scarf, boy and girls tag toys, girl sun hats and a diaper changing pad. We are excited to add these items and will get pictures up once they are added. All of these new items will be custom made/made to order. We hope you all end up loving them as much as we do!

Happiness and Disappointments

First off I am quite disappointed today, I was sharing a booth with another girl and come to find out today I was apparently replaced which means I don’t get to do the show next weekend. 😦 I am quite disappointed, I was looking forward to this show to get our name out there and see what kind of interest is out there.

So I have all these burp cloths and bandana’s ready and have been working my butt off for nothing.  Oh well I guess we learned our lesson today though.  Although we did sign up for a much smaller one today later on in the month. We will see how that goes.

On a good note we did have a great weekend, we took the boys and went to Paris, ID for the weekend.  It was a great lazy weekend, watched movies with Smash and played with Mash, started a puzzle, made some great meals, ate lots of junk food and made some yummy chocolate croissants.  Smash rolled them up and was so proud of himself when it was time to eat them.

We have been spending a lot of time in painting the burp cloths, we have quite a few ready to go and quite a few waiting to be sewed.  We will work on getting them ready for the new show the end of the month, along with a $50 prize for the show, I am excited to make that up and maybe add some new items in  the prize.  Also with the extra time we can make up some great things to help us get our business out.

We have a new website which is up and running so come check us out! http://www.burpingbabiesboutique.com.

Also our giveaway ends this Friday so make sure you stop in and enter the giveaway so you can win a couple baby bandanas and burp cloth!


New Items

I must put this out there does anyone else hate coming up with a title as much as I do?

Anywho it has been a little bit and I apologize for that, our little Mash hit the eight month mark and on Sunday finally started saying dad (we won’t brag and say he has been saying mom for almost two months now). His dad is a very proud daddy right now. 🙂 oh and last week during our bowling league I got a new high score of 163! Proud moment for me there. Saturday I spent the day with the ladies went and watched Divergent, lunch, shopping and stopped at the waffle truck for dessert. It was a nice relaxing day. Then that night we took Smash and Mash to Mash’s first hockey game. He had a wonderful time watching all the people.

Now on to work we have been very busy getting ready for the What a Woman Wants show in April. Hand dyeing burp cloths; I tried a new technique with it and I am ecstatic with how bright they are coming out. We only need to add fabric to the two toned cloths and the one tone cloths and dye a few more and those will be ready.


We also got some new fabric for the backs of the two toned burp cloths and for more baby bandanas. I am also excited with how those are turning out.

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We have a whole bunch of sewing to do, a folder of pictures and prices and all of them need to be packed before our show. Lots of work but I’m so excited!

Also don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway, two bandanas and a burp. And to leave you with a smile here is Mash enjoying spring and the grass.